Greatest Creative

Who is it for?

Creative agencies and brands.

Are you the CEO of creative?

Greatest Creative celebrates the brands that dare to push the boundaries of creativity on TikTok. We’re looking for the brands that get our golden rules for success:

Turn up as your authentic self

Forget about crafting the perfect post

Bring joy to everything you do

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Greatest Performance

Who is it for?

Media agencies and brands.

Are you the MVP of performance?

Greatest Performance celebrates the measurable impact of great creative work, highlighting brands who harnessed TikTok to hit their goals. We’re looking for campaigns that:

Unlocked significant reach

Influenced consumer behaviour in an innovative way

Met specific marketing objectives or achieved wider business results

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Greatest TikTok Nordics

The best overall in the Nordics

Who is it for?

All agencies and brands.*

Are you doing the most?

Greatest TikTok is awarded to the campaign that best embodies entertainment on the platform, fully embracing TikTok’s mission to inspire creativity and bring joy. We’re looking for the entries that:

Best tapped into TikTok’s community, culture, and creativity, and felt the most inherently TikTok.

* This category is an automatic submission; all Greatest Creative and Greatest Performance entrants will be considered for the top prize, to be chosen by the jury.

Greatest TikTok Europe

The most prestigious prize

Who is it for?

All Greatest TikTok winners across European markets.

Local top prize winners will be flown in to attend the Grand Prix ceremony, where we’ll crown the overall European winner.

The TikTok Grand Prix honours TikTok authenticity and game-changing creativity on the international stage.